Balkans PhD Research Scholarship

Lee_2022 Announcement

It is planned to give “Balkans PhD Research Scholarship” annually (academic year) for the citizens of the Republic of Turkey and international PhD students, in line with the conditions determined by the Scholarship Commission to be established in cooperation with the Istanbul Rumeli University Rumelian Studies Application and Research Center and the Balkans Civilization Center Association (BALMED).
As a result of the interviews, 5 people who meet the scholarship conditions and carry out or will carry out the doctoral thesis on the “Balkans” will be given a monthly “5,000 TL” scholarship. Applications will be accepted by hand or by mail.

Application Date: 01.09.2022-07.10.2022
Application Address: Istanbul Rumeli University Haliç Application and Research Campus, Rumeli Studies Application and Research Center, Piri Paşa Mahallesi, Boduroğlu Sokak, No 22, PK 34445, Beyoğlu, Istanbul.
To communicate: Istanbul Rumeli Studies Application and Research Center – [email protected]

Annex 1: Conditions of the Balkans PhD Research Scholarship
Annex 2: Balkans PhD Research Scholarship Request Form